What Color of NATURAL is your favorite?

So I thought I’d touch on wax color today. There are so many beeswax colors out there, now I’m talking natural colors. Do you have a favorite? Some folks will say “well I like the color right out of the hive.” Well that would be nice if it was right out of the hive!!  Have you seen it? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could just train those bees to put the wax in a container and the honey in a jar!!! LOL . Well that’s not what the maker had in mind when he gave us bees…. they work hard for that honey and therefore so must we to harvest it.

A candle maker recieves it in many different colors depending on what what they want to spend on it and what equipment they  may have to farther that process.  I personally purchase what is called capping. They are usually packaged in 40 to 60 pound blocks and are a nasty brown/gray color, but sometimes they are a carmel yellow and others are an almost florsesent yellow. Each color of these blocks will give me a different finished color so I get to experiment with which blocks give me what color and it certainly does vary for sure.

I divide all my blocks into color batches and then see what I get when it all comes out. Yes I could minimpulate the color by adding this or that chemical but why mess with mother nature? Yes I could put it thru all sorts of fancy filters but I like that wonderful honey smell so I don’t want to loose that , nor do I want to make it white like nothing.

My favorite color is a light ivory to carmel color and that is what I strive for BUT , Mother Nature can thwart that as well by giving those bees lots of bright yellow flowers to visit and that wax will be a florscent yellow no matter how many times I put it thru my paper filters!!  But Have no worry. We work with what we have and if that is bright yellow wax then thats what we get!! Oh oh how I love my JOB!!!


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